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How to know if a market is ready for self-service kiosks?

Pretty much every week at the moment, I get contacted by businesses wanting to set-up a self-service kiosk product for a new market. Even today, with the recent growth that the kiosk industry has seen it doesn’t take long to identify a region or a customer group that currently has no access to a self-service […]

The challenge presented by Big Data and what is means for the self-service kiosk industry

James Oladujoye, CEO of GWD Media, gives his thoughts on how kiosk software providers can help their customers overcome the Big Data challenge.

Supplement your salesforce with Genkiosk

We all know how important it is for managers to regularly monitor performance of their sales force. There are many ways to monitor sales KPIs; we are constantly asking questions such as What? When? How many? If you are thinking of using kiosks in your organisation to supplement your existing shop floor sales team, you […]

Genkiosk – first choice for Information Kiosks

James Oladujoye (CEO, GWD Media – creators of Genkiosk) shares his thoughts on what to consider when purchasing software for information kiosks. Information kiosks are big business, which means a bewildering aray of options! Whether it’s for government, retail, charity or general use, there are a number of factors to think through, and pitfalls to be wary of when choosing your […]

Part III: Real-Life Business Examples from Genkiosk

Continued from: More Real-Life Business Examples from Genkiosk Example 4: The Midas Kiosk One of the best approaches to retail analysis (including self-service) is “Stars and Dogs”: identifying and analysing the best-performers (the “Stars”) and improving (or removing) the worst (the “Dogs”). But on one occasion, the brightest “Star” was burning way too hot. In an […]

More Real-Life Business Examples from Genkiosk

Continued from: Kiosk Software from Genkiosk: Real-Life Business Examples Example 2: At what price? In general the true value of a product is the price that your customer is willing to pay. In my second example, the kiosk operator was providing a specialist service located in a mixed retail environment. Prices had been set according to industry standard, but was there a […]

How Important is Security on your Kiosk Software?

When operating in a public location it’s vital to ensure that your kiosks are securely locked down. Failure to do so could cause serious problems as users exploit weaknesses in your kiosk software and pass on their findings to others via the web. The knock-on effect could severely damage your business. Along-side vandalism and system errors, […]

Alerts & Business rules allow business automation

Get notified when there is a problem, or see if the system can fix itself. Genkiosk alert rules allow you automatically take action on certain events,  actions include sending an email or SMS, adding a note to the kiosk page , or even rebooting a unit. You can use the alerts rules to escalate issues […]