How to know if a market is ready for self-service kiosks?

25 Feb 2015

Pretty much every week at the moment, I get contacted by businesses wanting to set-up a self-service kiosk product for a new market. Even today, with the recent growth that the kiosk industry has seen it doesn’t take long to identify a region or a customer group that currently has no access to a self-service kiosk. As we’ve seen before the business case for offering kiosks is compelling, but that doesn’t always mean it is the right course of action. How to decide then whether your self-service kiosk idea is a good one or not?

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Three Important Ways to Positively Reflect Your Brand in Self-Service

26 Nov 2014

While the advantages of self-service – queue-busting, availability, reduced staffing costs – all speak for themselves, a major concern for many businesses is the lack of control over their corporate image. With no trained human involved in the transaction, it’s a scary thought that the first and maybe last impression a customer may get of your organization is entrusted to a faceless machine.

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Why centralised bill payment services are the perfect solution for kiosk services providers

31 Oct 2014

The kiosk you’ve always wanted

multi-function bill payment kioskIf you’ve ever considered setting up a self-service kiosk solution, the chances are your mind’s eye pictured a one-stop-shop type kiosk offering a single point where a customer can go to pay all their bills. A service like this is an attractive prospect for end-users who invariably crave convenience and would immediately be drawn to a kiosk which offered all the bill payment options they required.

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Bitcoin ATMs: Happy Birthday!

08 Oct 2014

Self-service Bitcoin kiosks have now been on the market for exactly one year. During this time they have made a big contribution to the changing attitudes towards financial services and money exchange. We are expecting more of the same as Bitcoin kiosks enter their second year.

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Kiosks Are Big Business for Bank Branches

24 Sep 2014

Self-service financial kiosks are worth their weight in gold to the banks that operate them and the customers who benefit from them. Their main value is in reducing the queuing time for customers, which reduces frustration for them, but also helps the bank’s bottom line as the pressure on them to increase staffing levels is dramatically reduced.

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Press Release: M Lhuillier partners with Genkiosk

13 Aug 2014

M Lhuillier customers are to have waiting times cut and service levels boosted thanks to a partnership with Genkiosk. 

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Self-Service Bill Payment Kiosks are win-win for all

05 Aug 2014

A bill payment kiosk saves on costs for billers, increases convenience for customers and brings in extra revenue for any retailers who agree to have the machines installed.

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Self-service: a key building block in the BRIC economies

16 Jul 2014

There is an ongoing worldwide boom in the use of interactive kiosks, not least in the BRIC economies (Brazil, Russia, India, and China).

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Kiosk Software: A Game Changer at Brazil 2014?

26 Jun 2014

As we enter the final stages of the World Cup in Brazil, one thing is certain: self-service is a big deal at the world’s biggest sporting event. 

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So you want to buy a bill payment kiosk?

12 Nov 2012

Bill Payment kiosks are becoming increasingly popular. If you walk into the offices of any utility company, the chances are they will have a self-service kiosk that will allow you to pay your bill.

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