Accurate real time information at your fingertips

Genkiosk offers instant feedback on the status of your self-service kiosks, no matter where in the world they are, allowing you to:

                    Maximise revenue
                    Monitor kiosk usage
                    Eliminate wasted engineer’s visits
                    Monitor peripherals
                    Reduce downtime
                    Make fact-based business decisions
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Accurate Reporting

Increase revenue and efficiency. Reduce engineer visits, downtime and errors.

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Fact-based Decision Making

Having real time information on all your kiosks, allows you to make more strategic and profitable decisions.

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Our cloud-based infrastructure ensures you have access to vital information 24/7.

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Detailed Audit Trail

At-a-glance facts and figures on historical usage and performance of each kiosk, allows you to identify trends, and isolate any recurring faults.

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