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Every day, thousands of surfers use Genkiosk Internet Access Software to get online, accessing emails, news sites, social or corporate networks and much more. Genkiosk offers an easy way to get up and running with a paid internet network and gives you complete control and peace of mind.

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  • Kiosk lock-down comes as standard

    Without constant supervision your kiosk estate is susceptible to external interferance. Genkiosk provides standard lock-down functionality to ensure you kiosks are not at risk.
  • Offer paid internet access

    Genkiosk's integrated payment portal allows you to offer internet as a genuine self-service so you no longer need to man your internet cafe.
  • Wi-Fi now available!

    Alongside your standard internet PCs you can now offer Wi-Fi and track usage and payment alongside the kiosks
  • Monitor your internet terminals

    Manage your estate via the Genkiosk online management software. Get detailed kiosks eastate analytics, to manage your business via fact-based decision making.
  • View detailed activity records

    Genkiosk keeps a full audit trail to allow you to troubleshoot any issues and ensure you're never in the dark.
  • Block restricted content

    Actively manage and control content on the kiosks via a flexible white list.
  • Automated fault notifications

    Use business rules to create email alerts for service outage or peripheral failures.
  • How do I block inappropriate content?

    Genkiosk can proactively monitor your kiosk’s proxy filters. Users will only see what you allow them to see.
  • Can Genkiosk monitor my peripherals?

    Yes, Genkiosk integrates with a wide range of peripherals and can tell you when there is a service outage or problem with consumables. If your device is not part of our core compatibility list our developers would be happy to complete the integration work for you.
  • How can I see Genkiosk in action?

    Simply click here to view our product tour.

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Despite the inexorable march of Internet-via-Smartphone, Genkiosk spots a gap in the market for internet kiosk and Wi-Fi providers.