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Genkiosk Photo Software is ideal for organisations that need to monitor and manage a retail photo printing operation. Don’t drive blindfold: let Genkiosk monitor your equipment and provide valuable real-time feedback to help you see where your business is going. Genkiosk lets machines do the talking and keeps service-providers aware of what’s happening on-site and allows site owners get on with the selling.

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  • Any system supported

    The Genkiosk platform supports small retail operations and complex nationwide systems and can be rapidly integrated into your back-office systems.
  • Update and manage your content remotely

    Rapid delpoyment of new product lines or special offers.
  • Ensure you store managers are activating their kiosks

    Kiosks don't earn much revenue when they are powered down!
  • Track revenue levels

    Genkiosk allows you to instantly assess the impact of price rises or promotional activity.
  • Automated management alerts

    Create system alert emails to notify your staff when a kiosk is out of photo paper.
  • Keep an eye on shrinkage and wastage

    Genkiosk gives you full visibility of any areas for concern.
  • What payment devices does Genkiosk support?

    There is a huge selection of payment devices out there and many of them are already used with Genkiosk. Feel free to contact us with the specification of your hardware and we'll investigate it free of charge.
  • Will I be able to keep my company's branding?

    Yes, retail kiosk software is typically built from scratch and then integrated with the exisiting Genkiosk platform. This allows you to keep control of both branding and the user experience. Our developers will work closely with you to achieve the look and feel that you require.
  • How can I see Genkiosk in action?

    Simply click here to view our product tour.

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FUJIFILM use Genkiosk to monitor their entire kiosk estate. Find out how the Genkiosk features and benefits guarantee a smooth-running operation worldwide.