Visibility and control

Three Important Ways to Positively Reflect Your Brand in Self-Service

While the advantages of self-service – queue-busting, availability, reduced staffing costs – all speak for themselves, a major concern for many businesses is the lack of control over their corporate image. With no trained human involved in the transaction, it’s a scary thought that the first and maybe last impression a customer may get of […]

Keeping control when you are miles from your kiosk

Have you ever wanted to be in two places at once? Have you ever wished you could teleport? If you’re managing a nationwide kiosk network with potentially thousands of units then the answer is probably “yes”. Controlling vast kiosk estates is a challenging task at the best of times, but when your knowledge of each […]

Lower costs, larger profit

This might not be a ground-breaking revelation, but controlling costs is a great way to increase profitability! But controlling costs across large kiosk estates has always been a challenge. When purchasing kiosk software, people rarely expect to find business intelligence included as standard, but this is Genkiosk’s raison d’être; it provides first class kiosk software […]

How many of your kiosks can you see right now?

Do you ever wish you could be in two places at once? If you’re responsible for managing a national or even international network of kiosks this feeling should be quite familiar. One of the main challenges with spreading yourself far and wide is being unable to see what is happening at each location. No-one can […]

Visibility and control

Running interactive kiosks without an effective management system is like driving a car blindfolded. Not a good idea. Once you are connected, you soon risk getting overloaded with too much data or confused by inconsistent information. Genkiosk sees you through that data smog, with clever business rules to give the right information to the right people […]