Visibility and control

Visibility and control | 13 Jul 2011

Chaerell driving blindfolded

Running interactive kiosks without an effective management system is like driving a car blindfolded. Not a good idea. Once you are connected, you soon risk getting overloaded with too much data or confused by inconsistent information. Genkiosk sees you through that data smog, with clever business rules to give the right information to the right people at the right time:

  • Monitor what is going on right now – and set automatic alerts via email, text or smart phone apps
  • Standardize your estate in terms of look and feel, and behaviour and performance: consistency feeds profitability
  • Prioritize: you can’t do everything at once, so tackle the most important things first.

Putting all this at your fingertips underpins confidence that your kiosk business is heading in the right direction..

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