Supplement your salesforce with Genkiosk

28 Nov 2011

We all know how important it is for managers to regularly monitor performance of their sales force. There are many ways to monitor sales KPIs; we are constantly asking questions such as What? When? How many?

If you are thinking of using kiosks in your organisation to supplement your existing shop floor sales team, you should expect no less from kiosks than you do from sales people. If anything it should be easier for kiosks if the system is implemented correctly. You don’t have to account for human errors, Monday-morning-syndrome etc. A system like Genkiosk gives you total visibility of what your virtual sales force is doing.

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It’s all in a name

28 Nov 2011

Our industry has many faces so it’s not surprising that it how many names it has as well!

When we first started out with Genkiosk we focused on paid internet access and as a result we tended to refer to the hardware as “Internet Kiosks”. However, as the industry started to grow and diversify so too did our software. As a result the Genkiosk team receives many enquiries from around the world for what is essentially the same product, but most often with a different name. Self-service kiosk, ATM, info-point, vending machine…these have all been used to describe a very similar concept.

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Saved by the Kiosk!

14 Nov 2011

Many a time I have arrived at my local cinema, eager to see the latest blockbuster movie. Arriving late (as usual) the movie I only have 5 minutes until the movie starts (stress), I hate missing the start! Let’s hope the trailers will last 20 minutes as usual as I’d like to get some popcorn (at three times the going rate) and an over-priced drink (annoying). But with the ticket queue snaking endlessly round and round it looks like I may have to forgo my refreshments (disappointing). I’m not even sure I’ll make it through that ticket queue in time (despair)!

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Genkiosk – first choice for Information Kiosks

07 Nov 2011

James Oladujoye (CEO, GWD Media – creators of Genkiosk) shares his thoughts on what to consider when purchasing software for information kiosks.

Information kiosks are big business, which means a bewildering aray of options! Whether it’s for government, retail, charity or general use, there are a number of factors to think through, and pitfalls to be wary of when choosing your kiosk software.

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Support for Colubris Wi-Fi Hotspots

07 Nov 2011

Examples of Genkiosk in action!

Genkiosk can now be used to manage your Colubris Wi-Fi Hotspots. Using the industry standard RADIUS protocol, Genkiosk vouchers can be used control user access to your Colubris Wi-Fi Hotspot. Genkiosk can also provide real-time monitoring information about your hotspots and even give you up-to-date stats on how many users are connected to the hotspot at any one time. You can also use Genkiosk to manage voucher distribution and activation. Genkiosk hotspot management provides an easy-to-use custom-built payment portal to ensure your customers can get online with the minimum of fuss. Genkiosk helps you monitor hotspot up-time to ensure patchy coverage is a thing of the past…

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Part III: Real-Life Business Examples from Genkiosk

31 Oct 2011

Continued from: More Real-Life Business Examples from Genkiosk

Example 4: The Midas Kiosk
One of the best approaches to retail analysis (including self-service) is “Stars and Dogs”: identifying and analysing the best-performers (the “Stars”) and improving (or removing) the worst (the “Dogs”).

But on one occasion, the brightest “Star” was burning way too hot. In an estate where £100 ($150) revenue meant a pretty good day, one kiosk was reporting £16,000 ($24,000). Our client was furious…

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More Real-Life Business Examples from Genkiosk

21 Oct 2011

Continued from: Kiosk Software from Genkiosk: Real-Life Business Examples

Example 2: At what price?

In general the true value of a product is the price that your customer is willing to pay.

In my second example, the kiosk operator was providing a specialist service located in a mixed retail environment. Prices had been set according to industry standard, but was there a chance for the operator to increase their margin?

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How Important is Security on your Kiosk Software?

14 Oct 2011

Security lock kioskWhen operating in a public location it’s vital to ensure that your kiosks are securely locked down. Failure to do so could cause serious problems as users exploit weaknesses in your kiosk software and pass on their findings to others via the web. The knock-on effect could severely damage your business. Along-side vandalism and system errors, security issues rank as one of the top issues effecting up-time across large kiosk estates.

Read on for some tips on keeping your kiosks safe….

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Kiosk Software from Genkiosk: Real-Life Business Examples

14 Oct 2011

My top five examples of measurable ROI from Genkiosk

Jed Fraser CMO of GWD Media the creators of Genkiosk

by Jed Fraser, CMO of GWD Media, the Creators of Genkiosk

Why you should read this?

I strongly believe that the self-service industry is about to take off – in both scale and profitability – all around the world. The fastest-growing sectors will be determined by specific conditions in each region, but wherever you are, whatever the function of your estate, visibility and control will be key to making the most of your opportunities. This is where Genkiosk comes in…

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Keeping control when you are miles from your kiosk

07 Oct 2011

Controlling your kioskHave you ever wanted to be in two places at once? Have you ever wished you could teleport? If you’re managing a nationwide kiosk network with potentially thousands of units then the answer is probably “yes”.

Controlling vast kiosk estates is a challenging task at the best of times, but when your knowledge of each machine is limited, out-of-date or non-existent this becomes an impossible task. Which machines are out of order? Have any machines run out of printer roll? How much cash is in each machine? To avoid you having to say “I don’t know” Genkiosk provides all this information (and more) from the comfort of your office.

Genkiosk allows you to monitor the status of each of your machines without the trouble of going to visit it. Kiosk usage figures, unit performance and revenue, cash levels – things you need to know for effective control – are all available through the Genkiosk software.

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