Supplement your salesforce with Genkiosk

Blog, Tips from the insider | 28 Nov 2011

We all know how important it is for managers to regularly monitor performance of their sales force. There are many ways to monitor sales KPIs; we are constantly asking questions such as What? When? How many?

If you are thinking of using kiosks in your organisation to supplement your existing shop floor sales team, you should expect no less from kiosks than you do from sales people. If anything it should be easier for kiosks if the system is implemented correctly. You don’t have to account for human errors, Monday-morning-syndrome etc. A system like Genkiosk gives you total visibility of what your virtual sales force is doing.

Consider for a moment the effect on your business if one or more of your members of staff is ill. The performance of your team is compromised; the customer-facing bandwidth is reduced. Lower staff numbers leads to frustrations for customers and colleagues. Unsatisfied customers means you are certainly not maximising sales, so something should be done.

It is common knowledge that provision of self-service kiosks can reduce queue time dramatically. Kiosks can also provide additional revenue through up-selling via a well-designed interface (such as Genkiosk’s database-centric content creation technology: WPF). There are a whole host of reasons why supplementing your existing sales force makes sense.

And just as you would not want to send your sales team out without back-office support, nor should you let your kiosks go out without an effective kiosk management system as Genkiosk provides. Genkiosk can answer a number of questions to help you keep track:

– Are my kiosks working?

– How much revenue have my kiosks sold?

– How much of the time are they available?


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