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How social networking is changing the way we interact with machines

Following on from Alex Williams’ excellent article in TechCrunch this blog envisions the future of machine-to-person interaction in what is becoming known as the frontier of Web 3.0.

The challenge presented by Big Data and what is means for the self-service kiosk industry

James Oladujoye, CEO of GWD Media, gives his thoughts on how kiosk software providers can help their customers overcome the Big Data challenge.

Money Transfer Trends and the Increasing Importance of Self-Service

James Oladujoye, CEO of GWD Media, gives his thoughts on the development of the money transfer industry… There is a silent army infiltrating the money transfer market

It’s all in a name

Our industry has many faces so it’s not surprising that it how many names it has as well! When we first started out with Genkiosk we focused on paid internet access and as a result we tended to refer to the hardware as “Internet Kiosks”. However, as the industry started to grow and diversify so […]

Genkiosk – first choice for Information Kiosks

James Oladujoye (CEO, GWD Media – creators of Genkiosk) shares his thoughts on what to consider when purchasing software for information kiosks. Information kiosks are big business, which means a bewildering aray of options! Whether it’s for government, retail, charity or general use, there are a number of factors to think through, and pitfalls to be wary of when choosing your […]

Learning from Social networks

James Oladujoye (CEO) explores ways in which his company and others could learn from the social networking phenomenon. Often I have been described as being a dreamer. And that makes me very proud. Star gazing is fun and every now and again it’s comforting to predict correctly. In this vein I have some strong beliefs […]

From Internet to Splinternet & how this challenges self-service

Firewalls and paid walls are springing up all over the web. Add to that a mish-mash of the technological and political and you could argue that there is a compelling inevitability to the splitting up of the Internet. The Economist Weekly has said “Powerful forces are threatening to balkanise the Internet,” and whilst you might […]

Why making machines talk is good for the whole planet

Whether it’s described as Domotics or Home Automation, the very notion of remote management of consumer & domestic appliances can send shivers down the spines of some people… whilst it is seen as a positive and logical – even evolutionary – step by others. To some it conjures up notions of robots taking over and […]

Biz rules – in the pursuit of business intelligence

James Oladujoye co-founder and CEO of GWD Media – the creators of Genkiosk. Why business rules can radically change the way organisations interact with their kiosks – or any other remotely managed machines. We are at the outset of the Information Age where seemingly everything is in the now. On stock markets, fortunes are lost […]