Genkiosk – first choice for Information Kiosks

Blog, CEO Blog, Tips from the insider | 07 Nov 2011

James Oladujoye (CEO, GWD Media – creators of Genkiosk) shares his thoughts on what to consider when purchasing software for information kiosks.

Information kiosks are big business, which means a bewildering aray of options! Whether it’s for government, retail, charity or general use, there are a number of factors to think through, and pitfalls to be wary of when choosing your kiosk software.

What degree of control to do need over your network? Will you need to update the kiosks remotely? Will each unit be managed individually or will they be grouped according to location? Some kiosk operators may want to create a controlled brand but specifying look and feel (logo, callout, contact details etc.), but still allow each site a certain amount of flexibility to personalise their equipment.  Will the kiosk be used for product information alone, or should they be lead generators? (Information kiosks are increasingly used car showrooms where the customer can customize their new car and play aroudn with some ideas without the need to tie up a salesperson until they are ready to buy).

How about peripherals? Will you be printing lots of receipts and if so do you want to be notified automatically when the kiosk is low on paper? Genkiosk is used in government buildings where receipt printing is high and this kind of situation is well worth preparing for if you want to avoid massive queues at customer services.

Genkiosk is used to fulfil all these requirements. Other Genkiosk software uses include bill payment systems, money transfer solutions, product demonstration, employment & human resources (HR).

Genkiosk information kiosk software team are looking forward to some exciting developments, which are well worth factoring into your thinking. Information kiosks may begin to take personal information via bluetooth connection as part of the increased need for identity verifiaction in the financial sector. Stay in touch and we’ll keep you up-to-date with our latest new features..

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