Kiosks Are Big Business for Bank Branches

Blog | 24 Sep 2014

Self-service financial kiosks are worth their weight in gold to the banks that operate them and the customers who benefit from them. Their main value is in reducing the queuing time for customers, which reduces frustration for them, but also helps the bank’s bottom line as the pressure on them to increase staffing levels is dramatically reduced.

Self-service banking kiosk software is designed to allow the user to complete day-to-day financial transactions quickly and efficiently, whether they want simply to check their balance or pay a bill. Through demonstration of their ease of use and many other benefits to the banking sector and their customers kiosks are being installed in more and more financial institutions at both branches and also remote locations.

These compact but highly functional machines can be sited in the lobby of a bank or in the corner of a shop, where they will reduce pressure on banking staff and optimise the customer experience. Queuing is one of the irritations in life that regularly make it on to the lists of top ten moans, but this is likely to happen far less often in financial institutions thanks to the development of kiosk services.

Today customers across the world no longer have to queue for a teller to print official cheques, complete money orders or cash cheques. Customers can complete an incredible 90% of their banking business using a self-service kiosk. They can also do this 24/7 and 365 days a year; forever removing the need to check the opening times of their local branch.

The use of kiosk technology is not just confined to global big-name banks, either. In America, for example, more than two-thirds of all the Credit Unions have their own kiosk software application and there is huge potential for many more financial institutions to join their ranks.

Bank workers have found that kiosk software allowing customers to book or check in for appointments, maintain their accounts, or research and buy products has meant that they have more time. They can now spend longer with people who have complicated issues or need additional help or advice.

The addition of a bill payment kiosk also gives added value to customers, who can use the kiosk software and machines to make payments and top up payment cards.


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