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Each month hundreds of thousands of customers use Genkiosk Money Transfer software to send millions of dollars worth of transactions all over the world. Genkiosk management software sits quietly in the background routing money from sender to receiver with the minimum of fuss.

With Genkiosk you can build powerful money transfer applications that meet your customers’ every need! Send money wherever you need, from any place to any currency.

  • Meet the demands of the un-banked

    There is a huge “un-banked” population waiting to be tapped. Use Genkiosk to seize this opportunity and generate profits.
  • Secure environment offers complete peace of mind

    Kiosk systems auto-refresh after each user session to ensure confidential information is removed from the kiosk.
  • Available with any money transfer provider

    Genkiosk development team has experience integrating with a wide range of third party money transfer providers via their dedicated web service API.
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)

    Genkiosk offers a wide range of identifcation options to ensure you're meeting your legal requirements as a financial organisation.
  • Ultimate convenience

    Kiosks can be placed in any location that is convenient for your customer base (gas stations, grocery stores etc). Kiosks are open 24/7, and aren't limited to being single function, so can offer their customers a one-stop shop.
  • Overcome your language barriers

    A major challenge for Money Transfer providers is that around 75% of their customers are migrant workers who usually have a limited command of the local language. Rather than employing staff with language skills (which can be costly) kiosks allow providers to deliver content in any language that they require.
  • Increase your throughput

    At peak times (such as pay day) Money Transfer stores can resemble a crowded metro carriage, which can often be off-putting for prospective customers and may lead to loss of revenue. Using kiosks can reduce average transaction time by over 50%. By making kiosks available to your customers you are reducing your staffing costs and improving the customer experience at the same time.
  • Manage your staffing costs

    In order to ensure there is enough staff for peak periods, managers may need to over-staff their shops throughout the month. By relying on kiosks to take the pressure when the store gets busy, providers can avoid wasting money on redundant staff.
  • Easy to Scale

    As businesses grow they are ready to take on more staff. Staff require training and inexperienced staff can often be a liability, whereas a kiosk comes ready trained and the lead time for getting it up and running is measured in weeks rather than in months. As an added bonus, kiosks aren't open to human error!
  • Is there a minimum or maximum estate size for using Genkiosk?

    No, you can use Genkiosk with one device or one thousand. Typically our customers start off with a few dozen kiosks, but their estates grow rapidly once they see the huge revenue potential.
  • Can Genkiosk monitor my receipt printer or cash acceptor?

    Yes, Genkiosk integrates with a wide range of peripherals and can tell you when there is a service outage or problem with consumables. If your device is not part of our core compatibility list our developers would be happy to complete the integration work for you.
  • How can I see Genkiosk in action?

    Simply click here to view our product tour.

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