GK v2: Money Transfer Overview

  • Meet the demands of the un-banked

    There is a huge “un-banked” population waiting to be tapped. Use Genkiosk to seize this opportunity and generate profits.

  • Secure environment offers complete peace of mind

    Kiosk systems auto-refresh after each user session to ensure confidential information is removed from the kiosk.

  • Available with any money transfer provider

    Genkiosk development team has experience integrating with a wide range of third party money transfer providers via their dedicated web service API.

  • Know Your Customer (KYC)

    Genkiosk offers a wide range of identifcation options to ensure you’re meeting your legal requirements as a financial organisation.

  • Ultimate convenience

    Kiosks can be placed in any location that is convenient for your customer base (gas stations, grocery stores etc). Kiosks are open 24/7, and aren’t limited to being single function, so can offer their customers a one-stop shop.