Case Study


Hotech – upmarket paid Internet services

The Genkiosk team were approached by London based Hotech who were looking for a high quality paid Internet solution to add to their existing portfolio for up-market hotels and hospitality locations.

How it all started

An initial website enquiry from Mark Beecroft (CEO of Hotech) was followed by a remote demo by one of the Genkiosk team members who listened to his needs and then demonstrated ways in which Genkiosk could help.

Mark required a 64bit solution for Windows 7 because it offered the best performance going forward. He also wanted support that could guide his business along the journey from concept to delivery. Several alternatives were investigated before the decision was made to go with Genkiosk.

What was the catalyst?

Having direct contact with the Genkiosk team meant that a high degree of customisation was possible. Hotech could then implement the right solution across its entire estate of Internet access kiosks and PC’s.

Hotech deals with customers who require premium standards, which meant that quality of the overall experience was the overriding factor.

How does Genkiosk help?

A high degree of mass customisation meant that Hotech could allow customers to include their own branding. Several ways to access the service including free, credit card, voucher, cash, PayPal – all are available through the Genkiosk payment portal. The hosted software website login means that service and revenue information is available centrally. Hotech was able to deploy its solution within six weeks of initial contact.

To the Future

Hotech has found a winning formula and is focusing on expansion of its model. Mark said “now we have a complete solution that works for the business we intend to take this to other sectors where quality is the top priority”.