It’s all in a name

Blog, CEO Blog | 28 Nov 2011

Our industry has many faces so it’s not surprising that it how many names it has as well!

When we first started out with Genkiosk we focused on paid internet access and as a result we tended to refer to the hardware as “Internet Kiosks”. However, as the industry started to grow and diversify so too did our software. As a result the Genkiosk team receives many enquiries from around the world for what is essentially the same product, but most often with a different name. Self-service kiosk, ATM, info-point, vending machine…these have all been used to describe a very similar concept.

  • Interactive kiosk: emphasis on a two-way relationship between kiosk and user
  • Information kiosk: often used in the public sector where the kiosk is a resource or information repository
  • Tele-kiosk: the successor to the payphone that offered text, fax, and SMS services
  • Financial services kiosk: also known as Bank-in-a-Box offers a way to complete complex transactions without visiting the bank
  • Photo kiosk: provision for high-quality photo printing. “Digital Order Stations” are kiosks used to request prints that are them mailed directly to the user. “Instant Print Stations” allow images to be printed while-u-wait via built in dye sublimation and ink jet printers.
  • Internet kiosk: traditional public internet access in areas such as airports and hotels
  • Ticketing kiosk: self-service purchase of access to theme parks, cinemas etc
  • Charity kiosk: provides a means for the public to donate to good causes
  • DVD-vending kiosk: usually a hybrid kiosk/vending machine where a user can rent a DVD (secured by credit card). This is an example of where kiosks and vending machines merge and has led to the development of Genkiosk’s sister product Vendtrack.
  • Visitor management and security kiosk: central control of checking in/out process for businesses, universities and other secure-access buildings
  • Building directory/way-finding kiosk: navigational information helping visitors locate offices, departments and special facilities
  • Customer flow kiosk: means a take-a-number style solution; implementations range from simple ticket dispensing to biometric readers
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