Kiosk Software from Genkiosk: Real-Life Business Examples

CMO Blog | 14 Oct 2011

My top five examples of measurable ROI from Genkiosk

Jed Fraser CMO of GWD Media the creators of Genkiosk

by Jed Fraser, CMO of GWD Media, the Creators of Genkiosk

Why you should read this?

I strongly believe that the self-service industry is about to take off – in both scale and profitability – all around the world. The fastest-growing sectors will be determined by specific conditions in each region, but wherever you are, whatever the function of your estate, visibility and control will be key to making the most of your opportunities. This is where Genkiosk comes in…

In my job I often sit with prospective customers who need concrete examples of what this means. For technical queries, I tend to make sure competent colleagues are on hand for some G2G exchange (Geek-to-Geek), to thrash out some of the issues. If that’s what you’re looking for, our Product Tour is a good place to start.

When commercial considerations are the priority, I find the real-life examples the most effective way to add substance to the matter in hand. Each example represents a real-life Genkiosk experience (with a little cloaking to maintain client anonymity!) These examples translate the Genkiosk benefits into hard results: tangible achievements under the live-fire of commercial challenges.

All five examples will feature in these blog pages over the coming weeks. The first one is below. If you would like to know more, please do contact us.

Example 1: Turn Me On!

Kiosk is out of serviceIn this scenario an operator had rolled out their kiosk estate in a retail environment (supermarkets) but the site owner was not happy with the revenue.

Using Genkiosk he found that each morning around 19% of kiosks were not even switched on. That’s equivalent to one out of five supermarket shelves being completely empty! Of course sales were low!

So the kiosk estate manager put a task force was put in place to phone stores first thing if Genkiosk showed they were offline (and escalate to regional managers or HQ if necessary). Soon, the “offline” figure was down to 3% – and they’d encouraged stores to appoint kiosk “champions” to ensure each machine got some tender loving care..

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