Support for Colubris Wi-Fi Hotspots

Blog | 07 Nov 2011

Examples of Genkiosk in action!

Genkiosk can now be used to manage your Colubris Wi-Fi Hotspots. Using the industry standard RADIUS protocol, Genkiosk vouchers can be used control user access to your Colubris Wi-Fi Hotspot. Genkiosk can also provide real-time monitoring information about your hotspots and even give you up-to-date stats on how many users are connected to the hotspot at any one time. You can also use Genkiosk to manage voucher distribution and activation. Genkiosk hotspot management provides an easy-to-use custom-built payment portal to ensure your customers can get online with the minimum of fuss. Genkiosk helps you monitor hotspot up-time to ensure patchy coverage is a thing of the past…

Using VPN and SNMP Genkiosk can connect to the hotspots and report on:

1. How many devices are connected to the hotspot?

2. How many devices are in an authenticated session?

3. MAC address of connected devices

4. Model and serial number of each hotspot

5. Hotspot firmware versions

6. Hotspot connection status


 Are my hotspots overloaded?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the facts at your fingertips? Instead of guessing how many people might be using a hotpot at any one time Genkiosk can give it to you straight. Imagine a busy station platform where you have strategically placed a number of hotspots, only one of these might see intensive use and the others are a waste of money. Genkiosk provides key business intelligence ensuring this kind of situation doesn’t occur.



Genkiosk is certified for integration with the following popular Colubris devices:

 MSC-3200

 MSC-3300

Our development team are actively developing compatibility and more devices will be supported soon.

If you have any questions about how Genkiosk can help your Wi-Fi network to run more smoothly and more profitably please get in touch!.

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