Photo Kiosk Software

Genkiosk Photo Software is ideal for organisations that need to monitor and manage a retail-based photo printing operation. Don’t drive blindfold: let Genkiosk monitor your equipment and provide valuable real-time feedback to help you see where your business is going. Genkiosk makes machines do the talking so that service-providers are aware of what’s happening on-site and site-owners can get on with the selling.


  • Is tracking revenue important to you?
    Use Genkiosk to track every transaction: cash, credit card or voucher
  • Looking for live, up-to-the-minute data?
    Genkiosk shows you which kiosks are running smoothly and which are in trouble
  • How do I monitor kiosk availability?
    Use Genkiosk to provide accurate up-time and performance statistics
  • Trying to attract more customers?
    Add a special offer via our web-based interface and watch closely for immediate results
  • Hoping to manage more kiosks with fewer operatives?
    Genkiosk is designed to help you resource your operation more efficiently
  • What are the payment options?
    Let our deployment team help you integrate your kiosk with banks, voucher-services, and credit card companies
  • How do I enforce performance levels?
    Genkiosk can be used to enforce operational standards and consistency using customizable reports and alerts
  • Will the site-owner know I am watching?
    Genkiosk can sit quietly in the background and monitor a range of measurables. Use it to watch for stock leakage, waste or theft
  • Is it possible to cut down on service visits?
    Let Genkiosk tell you when issues occur so engineer vists are only made when necessary

Features & Benefit

  • Silent Monitoring
    Background monitoring
    Kiosks can be supervised discreetly
  • Improve Uptime
    Improve up-time
    Kiosks can’t make sales when they are out-of-order!
  • Manage SLA
    Meeting SLA’s
    Make sure you get the most from your service partners
  • Centralized control
    Whole kiosk estates can be managed or updated from the comfort of your HQ
  • Fact Decision
    Fact based
    Use accurate data to make critical management decisions

Important considerations when deploying Information Kiosk Software? Key FACTS & TIPS!

The Genkiosk platform supports small retail operations and complex nationwide systems and can be rapidly integrated into your back-office systems. Download this casestudy to see how you can get Genkiosk up-and-running in next to no time!

See how FUJIFILM uses Genkiosk to power their photo kiosk network


Multiple payment methods

  • Take credit card, cash, vouchers and loyalty cards

Analytics – stay in touch

  • Online monitoring and fault information
  • Real time sales and transaction data
  • Visibility of high or low performers
  • Flexible dashboards showing KPI’s
  • Make decisions based on real-time data
  • Get critical bulletins via your smartphone

Rapid deployment of content

  • Simple management via the Genkiosk (online) hosted software


  • Use Genkiosk to offer complex sales propositions

Worldwide coverage – nowhere is too remote

  • Any country
  • Time-zone sensitive
  • All languages supported
  • Centralised control

Fixed Costs – no hidden surprises

  • Fixed Platform fees
  • Fixed Licence fees
  • Fixed Support fees