Ready, Steady, Kiosk! (Part 4 of 6)

My kiosks doing well in one city, but poorly elsewhere…

Jim is going to be in for a pleasant surprise when it comes to tailoring his kiosks for regional campaigns. In a traditional retail environment it can be hard work to fine-tune your offering. It is often a “trial and error” approach which can consume valuable time and resource.

With Genkiosk, it’s much easier to do regional comparisons and target your campaigns accordingly. You can pick individual stores to target for price promotions. You may want a kiosk based at a transport interchange to be handled differently to a supermarket. There is a high degree of flexibility built into the self-service industry.

Recently, one of our customers tried experimenting with price changes. They increased their prices across the whole range, ready to bring them back down if orders started to drop. To their delight, the order levels stayed the same, but their revenue sky-rocketed! Genkiosk provides the flexibility and the feedback required to implement daring strategies.