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Blog | 04 May 2012

Our now daily interaction with modern gadgets such as smart-phones and tablets is ensuring touch screens are rapidly becoming an everyday part of  life.  This  mainstream use is driving improvements both in  hardware and software. The innovative applications taking advantage of  multi touch hardware used by Apple and Android is increasing the demand for touch enabled products.

Touch screen kiosk software has been for a while now widely used in devices in shopping and retail areas, airport check-ins , queue busting ticket machines and in cinemas and transport stations. Users will expect that any device with a screen is touch enabled.

What does this mean for  Touch Screen Kiosk Software?

  1. Users will expect that kiosk software on touch screens is of a visually high standard.
  2. Kiosk software will need to be flexible and adaptable.
  3. The look and feel will start to match that of modern devices.

Its inevitable that the improvements to the touch experience will eventually filter through to kiosk software solutions. Obviously the price and availability of technology will be the main factor in how long this takes. The all too often unresponsive touch screen and poorly designed interfaces will frustrate the modern user, who is already used to a slick touch experience.

Here at Genkiosk we have built lots of touch screen kiosk software applications. Our flexible modern software allows the environment to change as the technology does. Our applications are designed with the

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