Press Release: M Lhuillier partners with Genkiosk

Blog | 13 Aug 2014

M Lhuillier customers are to have waiting times cut and service levels boosted thanks to a partnership with Genkiosk. 

M. Lhuillier Financial Services, Inc. is teaming up with kiosk software specialists Genkiosk to develop a self-service kiosk option in each of their branches. The kiosk provided by Genkiosk will enable customers to do everything from completing money transfers to paying bills and topping up mobile phones.

These services are already provided over the counter in the hundreds of M Lhuillier branches across the Philippines, but the introduction of the self-service kiosk will make money transfer, bill payment, and mobile top-up easier than ever before. Customers will enjoy shorter waiting times if they choose to use the latest in kiosk software, and tellers will be free to help with more difficult enquiries and transactions.

Marek Narkiewicz, chief executive officer of Genkiosk, said: ‘We are delighted to be partnering with such a prestigious company and are excited to be involved in our first of many projects on Philippine soil M.Lhuillier is a household name in the Philippines and many rely on their services for day-to-day transactions. We are committed to making Genkiosk a valuable part of that process.

Genkiosk is a leader in the field of kiosk software, providing innovative bill payment solutions and self-service kiosk convenience to hundreds of thousands of people each and every month. The company is based in Sheffield (UK), but its influence stretches across the globe. The kiosk software provided allows ease of access for a huge range of businesses and customers, whether they require money-transfer or retail facilities, photographic services or an effective and convenient information point.

M Lhuillier is a major provider of non-bank financial services in the Philippines, and its ML Kwarta Padala money-transfer service is renowned both at home and abroad. The system allows customers to receive and send money through branches in the Philippines and in the USA and through partners across the world. The company has more than 1,700 branches and a large number are open as late as 10pm daily. Around 150 of these stay open for 24 hours a day.

The use of self-service kiosk software will make ML Kwarta Padala transfers faster and even more convenient, adding to the exceptional reputation the service has already achieved. It will also fulfil a growing demand within the Philippines for self-service facilities. The country is reflecting a global trend which has seen every kind of organisation, from banks to governments, rolling out millions of self-service kiosks to better meet the needs of customers, staff and clients who live in an increasingly fast-moving world.

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