Kiosk Software: A Game Changer at Brazil 2014?

Blog | 26 Jun 2014

As we enter the final stages of the World Cup in Brazil, one thing is certain: self-service is a big deal at the world’s biggest sporting event. 

Self-service will help Brazil achieve its goal of hosting a successful World Cup 2014 by speeding up check-ins at the airport and letting fans pick up tickets at the touch of a screen. 

Galeao International Airport in Rio de Janeiro has installed self-service kiosks which can make check-in 25% faster for the thousands of fans visiting Brazil for the tournament, reducing the time needed for this part of their journey to as little as 30 seconds. This will be especially important to improve the experience of travellers when figures estimate an increase of 75% in passenger numbers during the sporting spectacular, which runs through to July 2014. 

Fans can also serve themselves at venue ticketing centres, where self-service terminals have been installed to reduce the need for staff, cut queues and ensure the best possible service for users. 

Kiosk software is also being put to good use by drinks giant Pepsi, who are combining self-service with football by kicking off what could be a huge trend in combined vending and games machines. The company’s new #FUTBOLNOW interactive vending kiosk rewards players with a drink after they have shown off their soccer skills, meaning that buying a soft drink has never been more fun. Players must try to keep an on-screen football up for at least half a minute as their animated avatar mimics their moves. 

Other vendors are cashing in too. Netshoes recently announced that it is providing self-service machines at metro stations and universities in Sao Paolo, where fans will be able to buy official World Cup shirts.

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