Genkiosk now sells kiosks!

Blog | 16 Jan 2012

2012 is going to be an exciting year, especially in the self service sector where low overheads offer a range of opportunities. I’m not saying it’s guaranteed recession-proof, but use of kiosks certainly makes good sense especially in organisations that are not able to recruit additional frontline staff. Although you can’t completely replace an actual person, efficient use of a kiosk estate is a great way to ensure that products and services are delivered to the consistent standard that consumers demand.

In a new development for 2012, the Genkiosk team has partnered with Kiosk Information Systems (KIS) who are one of the largest independent manufacturers of kiosks in the world. “Being able to supply a fully integrated solution (software and kiosk) closes the compatibility loop that concerns some of our customers” says James Oladujoye (CEO of GWD Media the developers of Genkiosk). “Our kiosk software is used all around the world and we are often asked if we can supply the kit, now we can and it’s a real boost. Genkiosk, in partnership with Kiosk Information Systems who are based in Louisville Colorado USA, is a great example of the international nature of what we do. We can supply kiosk infrastructure pretty much anywhere in the world”

Genkiosk kiosk software can be adapted to just about any kiosk deployment need, from reverse ATM’s to Bill Payment provision. Current areas which are seeing high levels of interest are…

  • Bill Payment Kiosks
  • Internet Access Kiosks
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Retail Kiosks
  • Money Transfer Kiosks
  • Photo Kiosk Monitoring
  • Information kiosks (such as HR or local government)

…but there are so many other applications where Genkiosk is used.

If you have a need to deploy kiosks within your organisation please do get in touch. If you would like to see Genkiosk’s kiosk software in action, please view our product tour!

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