Build your own kiosk network

Want to create your own  Kiosk Network?

Why learn the hard way – get free advice today!

Genkiosk is the perfect solution for organisations wanting to build kiosk networks. Whether it’s an established business or an entrepreneurial start-up we are here to help you to make best use of Genkiosk to drive growth and profitability.


The Genkiosk planning and implementation team are able to offer advice on:

  • Genkiosk configuration
  • Interface design
  • Kiosk Hardware
  • Payment systems
  • Back office integration
  • Languages
  • Security
  • Retail and branding
  • Trials of new ideas

What are the benefits to you?

The Genkiosk team will be able to help with:

  • Expert advice
  • Reduced time to market
  • Lower costs
  • Reduced risk of mistakes
  • Access to the best hardware manufacturers
  • Learning from existing winning business models


What’s Next?…

It’s your creativity, local knowledge and opportunistic tactics that will drive innovation in self service kiosk adoption. But because Genkiosk is used by thousands of people every day across many sectors and geographies, we can  share our knowledge with you and recommend best ways forward.

Why learn the hard way? – contact us today and let’s see if we can help