Accurate real time information at your fingertips

Genkiosk offers instant feedback on the status of your self-service kiosks, no matter where in the world they are, allowing you to:

                    Maximise revenue
                    Monitor kiosk usage
                    Eliminate wasted engineer’s visits
                    Monitor peripherals
                    Reduce downtime
                    Make fact-based business decisions
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Accurate Reporting

Increase revenue and efficiency. Reduce engineer visits, downtime and errors.

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Fact-based Decision Making

Having real time information on all your kiosks, allows you to make more strategic and profitable decisions.

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Our cloud-based infrastructure ensures you have access to vital information 24/7.

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Detailed Audit Trail

At-a-glance facts and figures on historical usage and performance of each kiosk, allows you to identify trends, and isolate any recurring faults.

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How to know if a market is ready for self-service kiosks?

25 February 2015

Pretty much every week at the moment, I get contacted by businesses wanting to set-up a self-service kiosk product for a new market. Even today, with the recent growth that the kiosk industry has seen it doesn’t take long to identify a region or a customer group that currently has no access to a self-service kiosk. As we’ve seen before the business case for offering kiosks is compelling, but that doesn’t always mean it is the right course of action. How to decide then whether your self-service kiosk idea is a good one or not? (more…)

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