Ready, Steady, Kiosk! (Part 6 of 6)

Expand into new territories, with some valuable lessons behind you

So Jim has come through his first adventure. Despite going it alone at first (without Genkiosk), things soon picked up once his kiosk management system was in place. He now has a vaulable tool (Genkiosk) in his pocket and is ready to tackle the big, wide world.

This time he is able to rely on strong business intelligence right from the get-go. Traditional retailers would love to have this kind of tool at their fingertips.

Imagine running a bakery where the sandwiches got in touch to say their expiry date is approaching…or the shelves alert you when they are empty…or you can automatically run a promotion on croissants before 10.00am…or a offer on cakes linked to public holidays..or experimenting with prices at the click of a mouse. Things would be a lot easier!

Maybe some day Jim will get that sports car…