Ready, Steady, Kiosk! (Part 5 of 6)

Some kiosks are performing so poorly they’re just are not worth the floor space…

Jim is now starting to unlock the full potential of Genkiosk. At first, many customers are impressed simply by the wide-ranging access to so much data and analysis. To get to the next level in self-service they need to realise that the data itself is just the start. What matters is how you use the business intelligence Genkiosk provides.

Jim’s current initiative is deisgned to improve or remove his “dogs” and replicate the success of his “stars”. Genkiosk can make a business case for your actions. Here are some examples:

  • Push up your prices: replace under-performing units with more expensive kit, selling premium product with higher margins
  • Learn from “star” installations: what makes them special? Better signage, premium location, regular maintenance
  • Size doesn’t matter: although it’s great to have a huge kiosk estate, if some machines are dragging your profits down then it might be time to get rid of some kiosks.

The point here is that Genkiosk underpins business intelligence, which is necessary for informed decision making. Providing data on-tap and cutting through the data smog puts power in the hands of the operator.