Ready, Steady, Kiosk! (Part 2 of 6)

Improving kiosk up-time: Some of our kiosks are not even up and running!

It doesn’t take an MBA to work out that if a kiosk is out-of-action, it’s going to struggle to bring in much revenue!

Right now, Jim is finding it hard to remember why he thought self-service was such a great idea. Having kiosk based all over the country with not enough people to service them feels like an insurmountable problem. But with the right infrastructure (and Genkiosk management system provides just that) the problem goes away, and Jim will find that retail kiosks offer more control than traditional retail methods.

Take this example, from a real-life Genkiosk installation. Our customer had rolled out retail kiosks into 200 supermarkets, but after 6 months the supermarket chain was feeling disappointed with the takings on each kiosks, which were way below their projection. Using Genkiosk the estate operator highlighted the problem: the machines weren’t being switched on! Up to an hour after opening time around 19% of the kiosk estate was still offline.

Genkiosk was able to easily pinpoint the repeat offenders, which allowed the supermarket to take remedial action. The result? Aware that Genkiosk was on their back, store managers felt much more inclined to look after their self-service arm. The “offline” averages dropped to 3% with a corresponding increase in takings.