Ready, Steady, Kiosk! (Part 3 of 6)

Sales are getting better, but what about the profit?

You can see why Jim is getting frustrated; all that revenue coming in from his kiosks is going straight out of the window. The cost of sending engineers here, there and everywhere is bringing his profit right down. But the good news is that he is already ahead of the game, he hooked up to Genkiosk to solve his up-time problem and will find it useful in tackling this one as well.

Customers are generally pretty excited when they find that around 70% of issues can be fixed remotely via Genkiosk. But to our mind, this still isn’t ideal…

In order to be profitable a kiosk needs to stand on its own two feet, with minimal human intervention. Genkiosk uses business intelligence and automation to bring the remaining 30% into line. Genkiosk passes the right information to the right people at the right time. You won’t always have time to give a kiosk your full attention, so Genkiosk makes sure they sound the alarm when they need you.