More Real-Life Business Examples from Genkiosk

CMO Blog, Tips from the insider | 21 Oct 2011

Continued from: Kiosk Software from Genkiosk: Real-Life Business Examples

Example 2: At what price?

In general the true value of a product is the price that your customer is willing to pay.

In my second example, the kiosk operator was providing a specialist service located in a mixed retail environment. Prices had been set according to industry standard, but was there a chance for the operator to increase their margin?

The operator experimented with the price point and Genkiosk analytics revealed the results. When prices were raised by 50% there was no reduction in the number of orders.

Customers were already on-site…they were ready to buy…and in their current frame of mind the added cost did not deter them. The operators margins sky-rocketed, their costs remained the same, but revenue had gone up significantly.

Genkiosk provided the business intelligence required to justify this commercial move.


Example 3: Everything’s going dark!

I love it when our customers install a large monitor in a prominent position in their offices or reception, showing live Genkiosk data about their estate. Some display a dashboard, with key data shown in charts and charts. Others prefer geographical information using a map showing what’s happening where.

And it was the plummeting dial on a major kiosk software estate that prompted an urgent call from one of our clients: “Quick. Do something! Your Genkiosk system is falling over. Everything is going offline!” …only Genkiosk wasn’t to blame.

Our client’s partner, the location owner, was changing firewall settings (with the intention of enabling Facebook functionality); something had gone wrong and the whole estate was being switched off.

Our customer had been through similar experiences before, which had taken over two days to sort out. Thanks to Genkiosk, the alarm was raised immediately and everything was put to rights in under two hours – saving two full days of sales, not to mention the potential damage to reputation..

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