What time is it in Dubai?

Blog | 21 Jun 2011

Do you know what the time is in Dubai?

Here at the Sheffield offices of Genkiosk, everyone knows the current time in a variety of places around the world. When we get a customer in a new time zone we add a clock to the wall in the office. We have clocks for Abu Dhabi, Seattle, Vancouver, Dubai, Paris and as far off as Fiji!

Clock around the world

The Genkiosk Platform is in use in a variety of applications around the world.  Here’s a few examples of every day things you (or your customers) could have been doing and used the Genkiosk Platform.

Paid your water bill in Dubai or topped up your mobile in Abu Dhabi

Comprising the our client software &  the Genkiosk hosted platform, we developed a comprehensive bill payment application. On the client side users can be confident that utility bill  transactions are secure. On the hosted side Genkiosk integrates with several bespoke systems easily and securely. The system owners can quickly review transactional reports,  manage content and software updates via a regular browser across the whole of UAE.

Connect to a WIFI hotspot in FIJI

Smoothly integrating with Colubris/HP Procurve wireless systems the Genkiosk Platform. The solution provides pay to surf  WIFI hotspot access in a number of locations on the idyllic islands of Fiji in the South Pacific. Customers wishing to access the web on WIFI enabled devices like SmartPhones, iPads & Notebooks are presented with a web page,  they can choose a session time & payment method, either a prepaid voucher or credit card.  Back at head office the hotspot owners can report on sales and session information, create and administer prepaid vouchers and decide on commission payments to the location owners (Hotels and Cafes etc).

Playing a game in a French cafe.

Taking advantage of the remote monitoring capability’s of Genkiosk this solution provides a unique  prize money game. New content can be rapidly deployed via our schema system meaning adverts and game updates can be sent remotely and are consistent across the whole estate.

The Genkiosk Platform is used to monitor and administer kiosks in lots unique and surprising ways,  call us today and we can assess your kiosk software needs..

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