It’s all in a name

Our industry has many faces so it’s not surprising that it how many names it has as well! When we first started out with Genkiosk we focused on paid internet access and as a result we tended to refer to the hardware as “Internet Kiosks”. However, as the industry started to grow and diversify so […]

Saved by the Kiosk!

Many a time I have arrived at my local cinema, eager to see the latest blockbuster movie. Arriving late (as usual) the movie I only have 5 minutes until the movie starts (stress), I hate missing the start! Let’s hope the trailers will last 20 minutes as usual as I’d like to get some popcorn […]

Genkiosk – first choice for Information Kiosks

James Oladujoye (CEO, GWD Media – creators of Genkiosk) shares his thoughts on what to consider when purchasing software for information kiosks. Information kiosks are big business, which means a bewildering aray of options! Whether it’s for government, retail, charity or general use, there are a number of factors to think through, and pitfalls to be wary of when choosing your […]

Support for Colubris Wi-Fi Hotspots

Examples of Genkiosk in action! Genkiosk can now be used to manage your Colubris Wi-Fi Hotspots. Using the industry standard RADIUS protocol, Genkiosk vouchers can be used control user access to your Colubris Wi-Fi Hotspot. Genkiosk can also provide real-time monitoring information about your hotspots and even give you up-to-date stats on how many users are connected […]

Part III: Real-Life Business Examples from Genkiosk

Continued from: More Real-Life Business Examples from Genkiosk Example 4: The Midas Kiosk One of the best approaches to retail analysis (including self-service) is “Stars and Dogs”: identifying and analysing the best-performers (the “Stars”) and improving (or removing) the worst (the “Dogs”). But on one occasion, the brightest “Star” was burning way too hot. In an […]

Severity Levels– how they work with business rules

The Genkiosk developer team has spent the past few years working on not just getting lots of useful kiosk data for analysis, but also developing ways in which the system can best work for organisations using automated processes. Why not make things as slick, effective and efficient as possible – adding maximum value? This methodology […]

Four questions to ask before you choose your preferred kiosk software provider

When choosing an interactive kiosks software provider you need to take into account your needs today and in the future. Too often the future is neglected and this can lead to all sorts of technical and commercial problems. If you have a deal with a provider and they can’t go in the direction you want […]

Business Intelligence Defined

“Business intelligence”. It’s a term that can have many meanings – and is largely dependent on a company’s size and which sector it operates in. However there are some guiding principles which GWD media has adopted for the Genkiosk platform. Here we make it easy to access the data that guides business intelligence – and […]

Telemetry – is it real?

Despite the European Vending Association urging the 10,000 vending operators currently servicing the €26 Billion European vending industry to improve efficiencies, through reducing transportation costs, lost sales and wasted time and energy, the uptake of telemetry management solutions has been disappointing. James Oladujoye CEO of GWD Media stated that “vending and kiosks are to all […]

What time is it in Dubai?

Do you know what the time is in Dubai? Here at the Sheffield offices of Genkiosk, everyone knows the current time in a variety of places around the world. When we get a customer in a new time zone we add a clock to the wall in the office. We have clocks for Abu Dhabi, Seattle, […]