How social networking is changing the way we interact with machines

Following on from Alex Williams’ excellent article in TechCrunch this blog envisions the future of machine-to-person interaction in what is becoming known as the frontier of Web 3.0.

What does history teach us about the future of Internet access?

Given that public-access kiosk software is one of our most popular products here at Genkiosk, our team is always keen to find out more. Internet as we know is has an interesting history and we have followed its evolution with interest. The most exciting thing though is the future of the Internet and its a […]

The Battle of the Financial Services Market

How the current economic climate is affecting the financial services sector and bringing alternative styles of banking to the fore. Introducing Mango Financial, a Texas-based start-up; take a look at their new shop front!

Money Transfer Trends and the Increasing Importance of Self-Service

James Oladujoye, CEO of GWD Media, gives his thoughts on the development of the money transfer industry… There is a silent army infiltrating the money transfer market

What will airport communications look like in five years’ time?

Now, I’m certainly not renowned for being much of a prophet, but airports are one area in which I’m confident of seeing some big changes fairly soon. Let me take you through a couple of my predictions, where we let go of our preconceptions and are open to a whole new way of thinking.

Does the rise of self-service machines spell the end of retail as we know it?

High street retailers are having a tough time. With global recession looming, the outlook does not look great for even the giants of the retail industry. The financial chaos we’ve experienced over the last few years has put an end to many of the big names. It come as no surprise then that traditional manned […]

Touch Screen Kiosk Software

Our now daily interaction with modern gadgets such as smart-phones and tablets is ensuring touch screens are rapidly becoming an everyday part of  life.  This  mainstream use is driving improvements both in  hardware and software. The innovative applications taking advantage of  multi touch hardware used by Apple and Android is increasing the demand for touch enabled products. Touch screen kiosk software has been for a while now widely used in devices […]

Genkiosk launches new services in Honolulu

Genkiosk executives have attended the Pacific Islands Telecom Association AGM in Honolulu. Emphasis this year is on important topics such as disaster & emergency communications and fraud prevention. “Genkiosk will play its role in providing reliable ways to communicate with the public and for the public to communicate back” says Trevor Pathak of Genkiosk, “our […]

Genkiosk now sells kiosks!

2012 is going to be an exciting year, especially in the self service sector where low overheads offer a range of opportunities. I’m not saying it’s guaranteed recession-proof, but use of kiosks certainly makes good sense especially in organisations that are not able to recruit additional frontline staff. Although you can’t completely replace an actual […]

Supplement your salesforce with Genkiosk

We all know how important it is for managers to regularly monitor performance of their sales force. There are many ways to monitor sales KPIs; we are constantly asking questions such as What? When? How many? If you are thinking of using kiosks in your organisation to supplement your existing shop floor sales team, you […]