Case Study

Maxbox Middle East

MBME –bill payment & money transfer for the masses

How Max Box Middle East has transformed the process of bill payment for tens of thousands of people.

During the summer of 2009 Max Box Middle East (MBME) started to use Genkiosk for a new and specialised market – bill payment kiosks for people living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Already this organisation has turned this into a large thriving business that enables people to pay bills, transfer money, and buy toll-road credits.

How it all started

The Genkiosk team were asked to develop specialist applications that sit on the Genkiosk platform but that were unique to MBME’s specific prospects that they were talking to at the time. These prospects soon turned into small-scale customers who were willing to invest in pilots to gauge the uptake of bill payment kiosks.

MBME used this time to work closely with their customers and the Genkiosk developers, staying close to the pilots and making iterative changes. And because Genkiosk is a platform as opposed to a toolkit a high degree of mass customisation was possible.

What was the catalyst?

The significant uptake by the general public was the single most important factor that catalysed the projects and turned pilots into commercial rollouts.

MBME customers were able to queue jump and pay their bills directly into the kiosks saving on both time and hassle.

How does Genkiosk help?

MBME’s General Manager Richard White said “we did not realise at the beginning of the project just how important the back-end would be to manage our estate with minimum onsite activity. Sure we created great applications sitting on the kiosks – that’s a minimum right? – but being in the driving seat and able to share real-time usage and service information is a real winner and has had a significant impact on our bottom line”.

To the Future

MBME is now expanding with Genkiosk into other regions where bill payment and money transfer is an important factor and where there large sections of the population are unbanked.