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Genkiosk seeks strategic partners to deploy reverse ATMs.

Exciting new business opportunity…

The Product: Genkiosk is a customer-facing bill payment software solution that is used on self-service kiosks to processes utility bills all over the world.

The Company & Business: Genkiosk has been in business for over ten years and its software has been deployed on over 16,000 kiosks. We now have customers running over 3000 units, all connected via Genkiosk online kiosk management software.

Partners sought:

  • Established sole traders
  • Strong sales outfits
  • Dynamic entrepreneurs

Potential sectors:

  • Electricity & gas
  • Water
  • Parking fines & road toll
  • Phone bills & credit
  • Internet

Key selling points:

  • Easily add many different utility providers to a single kiosk, greatly increasing the convenience of your solution
  • Configure each kiosk to provide the services most relevant to that location e.g. petrol stations might offer road toll services
  • Online monitoring for entire estate: cashbox revenue, kiosk usage, printer levels, fault information and more

Kiosk users typically pay a $2-5 transaction fee to pay their bill. As a network operator your revenue would come commission (usually on a per-transaction basis).

  • The biller might charge $0.75 cents
  • Genkiosk would take 25% to cover processing costs
  • The remainder is yours

On a single kiosk with a $3.00 transaction fee $90 per day in your pocket. $33,000 a year on a single kiosk!

Approximately 90% of all transactions are made by un-banked or under-banked customers in countries where owning a bank account is far from being the norm.

or contact 0114 251 8999
“If you launch bill payment services in territories where the population is largely un-banked or under-banked the venture could be extremely lucrative. If you can secure top locations for your kiosks such as convenience stores, malls and the offices of utility providers then people will use the service heavily.”
James Oladujoye
CEO, GWD Media Ltd


  • Access to hundreds of billers from a single location

    The Genkiosk Bill Payment platform allows kiosk managers to create a one-stop bill payment terminal, offering ultimate convenience to the end user.
  • Secure environment offers complete peace of mind

    Kiosk systems auto-refresh after each user session to ensure confidential information is removed from the kiosk.
  • Remote control kiosks

    Bill payment kiosks can be monitored and managed from the comfort of your own HQ via the Genkiosk online management suite.
  • Protected systems

    All transactions are routed via firewalls and from fixed IP addresses.
  • Online content management

    Manage your estate more efficiently with fewer resources.
  • View detailed transaction information

    Genkiosk ensures full visibility of kiosk activity and displays this transaction by transaction.
  • Track high & low performers

    Genkiosk provides easy ways to keep tabs on your estate and check all your units are earning their keep.
  • Global kiosk software

    Genkiosk is available around the globe with flexible time zone and multilingual options.
  • Create business rules to alert you of critical issues

    Receive notifications via email, text or system reports.
  • Is there a minimum or maximum estate size for using Genkiosk?

    No, you can use Genkiosk with one device or one thousand. Typically our customers start off with a few dozen kiosks, but their estates grow rapidly once they see the huge revenue potential.
  • Can Genkiosk monitor my receipt printer or cash acceptor?

    Yes, Genkiosk integrates with a wide range of peripherals and can tell you when there is a service outage or problem with consumables. If your device is not part of our core compatibility list our developers would be happy to complete the integration work for you.
  • How can I see Genkiosk in action?

    Simply click here to view our product tour.

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